Monday, May 12, 2008

My New Mother's Day Deck!

Terry relaxes after the work is done
We will spend a lot of time here
Terry and Kevin have just started
Hunter drives a nail
The end of day one
Now come the rails

Our deck needed a make-over in the worst way....and in the days leading up to Mother's Day, it got one!  Terry's cousin, Kevin Baucom, is a wonderful carpenter (and a pretty darn good mandolin player, too!)  Kevin and Terry worked for 2 and a half days...tearing out the old deck flooring, picking up materials, sawing, hammering and hauling away the old lumber.  It was quite a job and they did a great job.  At the conclusion of the work, Terry said, "Happy Mother's Day,  Cindy".  We are already enjoying our new deck.  We also enjoyed hanging out with Kevin for a couple of days.  Thanks, guys, for the hard work and a nice job!~CB

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