Wednesday, September 9, 2009


(Hour One)

L.A. County---Ralph Stanley II with Jim Lauderdale
I Can Only Love You (So Much)---Cherryholmes
Amanda Lynn---Lou Reid & Carolina

Daddy Played The Banjo---Steve Martin with Tim O'Brien & Earl Scruggs
I'm Just Here To Ride The Train---Mountain Heart
Kansas City Kitty---Hunter Berry with Buddy Spicher & Buck White
Sister---Gold Heart

Always Have, Always Will---Brandon Rickman
And The Wheels Turn---Melonie Cannon
I Am A Stranger---Jeremy Garrett
Iron & Diamonds---Gibson Brothers

Bury Me Beneath The Willow / Will The Roses Bloom

(Hour Two) Special Guest: RICKY SKAGGS

What Is A Home Without Love-Ricky Skaggs

Foggy River / I Had But 50 Cents / Branded Wherever I Go-Ricky Skaggs

Calloway / Little Maggie-Ricky Skaggs

This World Is Not My Home / Sinners You Better Get Ready-Ricky Skaggs

Green Pastures In The Sky / God Holds The Future In His Hands-Ricky Skaggs

Thanks for listening!~CB

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