Tuesday, June 10, 2008

My Oldest Son, Houston, Graduates!

It is pretty amazing to look back on the last 18 years...
Houston just graduated from High School.   The days leading up to the actual Graduation ceremony were busy, but extremely fun!  Terry and I attend the Senior Assembly at the High School, where all the members of the Senior Class gathered to present a great program to their families and underclassmen.  They had a cool slide show with pictures of them growing up.  They talked about their years in school from Kindergarten to 12th Grade.  We enjoyed being part of that.  We had a cook-out the evening before Graduation with several of Houston's friends.  The Graduation itself was very nice, too...a very proud moment as his name was called and he received his diploma...a symbol of the years of hard work he put into school.  He will be entering the University of North Carolina at Charlotte this Fall.  Congratulations, Houston!  We are very proud of you!~CB

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