Monday, December 22, 2008

Carolina Loses Heartbreaker To Giants :-(

I had looked forward to this game all week long. It seemed like 8:15 pm Sunday would never get here. That is how much I was anticipating this great football game. The Carolina Panthers and The New York Giants (Super Bowl 42 Champions) had the prime time slot---Sunday Night Football on NBC. With a lot at stake (namely a first-round playoff bye and home field advantage throughout the playoffs) the game got underway and The Panthers looked great in the first half. They dominated the first quarter and they dominated the second quarter without question. However (and this is the sad part...) they came out for the second half playing very, very conservatively...ultra-conservatively (if that's even a word...) Why not pass to Steve Smith and Deangelo Williams like you did in the first part of the game? It was working beautifully! The Panthers didn't hold on to their nice lead. They could have won with a John Kasay field goal in the 4th quarter (...and John Kasay's kicking is 'money in the bank'...except for this kick) It looked to be heading directly in the middle of the uprights...then a gust a wind shattered hopes of a win in regulation. During overtime, the Giants won the toss and elected to receive....4 and out...they punted to the Panthers...we couldn't capitalize during our possession. When the Giants got on offense again, they didn't let the victory get away from them. Terry and I were highly disappointed with the loss (we take our football pretty seriously...) Since the Cowboys lost over the weekend, the Panthers did clinch a spot in the playoffs (...and will likely win their division) It is on to New Orleans next to take on the Saints. I now officially put this loss behind us and look to the next game with positive anticipation!~CB

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