Friday, December 26, 2008

Hope You Had A Great Christmas! is the day after Christmas. Terry and I finally have some time to relax. It was a wonderful holiday. In fact, we are still celebrating. We listened to Christmas tunes today...many, many cards from our friends and family decorate the wall...the candles are still glowing...the tree is still up...and the Christmas lights are burning. We won't even think about stopping the celebrations until- at least- the day after New Year's.

We spent Christmas Eve in Monroe, NC with Terry's Dad, Mom, Sisters and their families. We had delicious food and a fun time together. Terry and I exchanged gifts later that night. I had heard him mention a couple of times that he would enjoy having a metal detector, so that was one thing I got him. He and I are both huge fans of the Twilight Zone television series, so I got him the complete DVD set (I will enjoy that present as much as him!) He got me some cool tools for the kitchen, a beautiful antique cup and saucer and money to shop for a couple of new dresses.

Christmas Day, we had coffee with Terry's Dad and Mom, then headed out to Ashe County to my hometown of West Jefferson, NC, to spend time with my family. We enjoyed more great food there...ham, chicken, mac & cheese, mashed potatoes, green beans, slaw, rolls and a nice variety of desserts. After opening gifts, there was Bluegrass. Terry, my Dad, my brother, Chris and I played some of our favorite Christmas and Bluegrass songs. My son, Houston, got a banjo from Terry and me. He is enjoying the Avett Brothers in Asheville, NC this weekend and again on New Year's Eve in Charlotte. My daughter Molly got make-up, clothes, money...and the youngest, Hunter, got several games, a football, back-pack and lots of Carolina Panthers gear. We spent the night with my Dad and Mom and headed back after breakfast Friday morning. After visiting with more friends on the way home, we got in and had some leftover turkey and turned on ESPN. (There are some great bowl games this weekend...and NFL on Sunday!)

Thanks to all the radio stations that aired the Special Christmas Edition of 'Knee-Deep In Bluegrass'. Terry and I had fun producing this show. We appreciate all the nice comments about the show. Your support means a lot to us, as we work to promote Bluegrass Music. We will be out several times in January with stage shows. I will posting more about those in a day or so. Take care and check back in on the site often. I will be talking with you on the radio and I thank you for listening.~CB

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