Thursday, March 25, 2010

THE CANA RAMBLERS on Knee-Deep In Bluegrass

Will Jones and Laura Leigh Jones of The Cana Ramblers are my special guests this week on "Knee-Deep In Bluegrass". The Cana Ramblers have a new CD project available called 'No Expectations'. Below are the liner notes from the CD:

The Cana Ramblers bluegrass band has it all. High energy, great vocals, killer harmonies, hot instrumentals and an interesting variety of classic and original material featuring Will Jones on guitar and vocals; Laura Leigh Jones on mandolin and vocals; Ashley Jones on upright bass and vocals; Phillip Jones on guitar and vocals; Rick Allred on banjo and vocals.

With some irony, The Cana Ramblers’ 2009 release of No Expectations delivers the opposite of its title. The release of this CD comes with considerable expectations. Fans and professional insiders have been waiting for this release. Represented here are Lester and Earl, Hank and Merle, and Cash’s Last Ride. Here are brand new songs, good old songs and picking up a storm. Here are all the harmonies that bluegrass built and arrangements to hold you to the end.

The Cana Ramblers can be seen on Public Television on the acclaimed series Song of the Mountains. This band can be heard on Country and Bluegrass radio stations across the country and at their live shows. Visit their website at or friend them through social media online. (facebook etc.)

Please tune in to an affiliate near you...and enjoy the show! Thanks~CB

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