Saturday, March 13, 2010

Home Preparations--Whew!

One thing (besides Bluegrass and Radio) that has been keeping me extremely busy, is getting the house ready to go on the market. Terry and I will soon celebrate our Wedding Anniversary (a post about that next week). Since we got married, we have been splitting our time between two homes; Elkin, NC and Monroe, NC. Because of our careers, we travel a lot under normal circumstances. Couple that with having two places to keep up and an hour and forty minute commute between the two homes and it sometimes gets a little overwhelming. So Terry, Molly, Hunter and I have decided to combine the two households (eliminating a lot of clutter in process that we all have accumulated over the years) We are purchasing a house in Monroe, where Terry was born and raised. I like that area a lot and it is much closer to my work at the John Boy & Billy Studios in Charlotte. There is a good school system there (which is important, because Molly will be a Senior next year and Hunter will be entering Middle School). The oldest, Houston, is a student at UNC-Charlotte and has an apartment there. So an added plus is being closer to him all the time, as well.

Getting ready to sell a house is a LOT of work. I have found myself tuning in to television shows like "Sell This House", "Clean House" and a variety of programs on the Do-It-Yourself Network! These are helpful...and so are purchases like Magic Erasers, Old English Wood Oil, Paint, etc., etc. Everyone is pitching in and doing their part and it is actually going pretty smoothly, so far.

Hopefully within the next few days, the house will be listed and some lucky family will find their way to this quite neighborhood in Surry County, close the park and schools, where the site of deer, squirrels, rabbits and birds is a common occurrence. ~CB

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