Friday, April 16, 2010

Born On A Special Day

I was born on a special day in 1965. Everybody's birthday is special, but what makes April 17th so special to me, is the fact that I was born on my Dad's birthday. He always said he received a special present that year. We would celebrate our birthdays together each year, usually with a nice meal somewhere. When I was younger, my grandmother would fix a nice birthday dinner for us, complete with chocolate pie. Later on, we would meet on our birthday, with the family, and enjoy seafood or steak. Grandma's chocolate pie wasn't there, but we would substitute birthday cake or something else less tasty than that wonderful pie. This is the first birthday in 45 years without him. I miss him terribly, but cherish memories of a wonderful childhood and all the great music we shared. My cousin, Tripp, also has an April 17th birthday, as well as two wonderful friends-Myra Phillips and Uwe Kruger. One year at the birthday dinner, we even ran into The Kruger Brothers, who were celebrating Uwe's birthday at the same restaurant. As I have another birthday, I want to spend it honoring the memory of the best Dad in the world, Jim Brooks.~CB


Anonymous said...

Well said !

Andrea Evans said...


Isn't it great that you have those wonderful memories of your dad! Though I know you are missing him especially today, I hope you are able to spend the day celebrating that close relationship, the memories you have, and enough birthday partying for two! God bless you!

Andrea Evans