Saturday, July 19, 2008

Meet Max

The family has a new pet.  He has been with us about a month now and is fitting in quite well.  He is a fury, gray kitten we have named Max.  Terry and I found him along Highway 421; well actually he found us.  There were no houses was a busy highway....and we couldn't leave him there.  We decided we needed to find him a home...and we did...Ours!  Ironically, 'Honky Cat' by Elton John was playing in car when we pulled up.  We put him in the backseat and he immediately came to front and crawled onto Terry's lap and started to purr.  Odie and Max play very well together.  In fact, Odie thinks he got a new toy when Max moved in.  Max likes to lay at the top of the couch when Terry plays banjo.  Terry and I collect 'Fire King' pieces.  When I was photographing a pair of cups I had recently found, Max sneaked into the picture!~CB

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