Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Tony Rice's Heartfelt Thanks To Veterans

I want to take a moment and try to express my heart felt gratitude to the veterans of this great land..
I know that it is not possible for me to email, or call you up individually and thank each and every one of you,..
And so, I hope that this letter will in some small way service, to let you outstanding men and women know, my family and I, are in your debt.
We cannot even to begin to imagine the sacrifice and suffering you people have gone threw for us.
Often being thousands, of miles away from your homes and loved ones, on our behalf's.
Being shot at, and often, shot up,...
Providing insurance that we Americans everywhere, have the freedoms we still enjoy today.
I have met so many musicians from communist countries, who risked the odds of death, to come here to the U.S.
To them, possible death by risking escape was a far better alternative, than to be denied the freedoms our veterans insure us.
Other musicians like myself, who felt they had something of value to offer, to the world threw their music..
However unless they could obtain freedom by escaping to come here, they had no vehicle of expression for their music,... it was dead,.. useless.
I have been privileged to sit in total amazement, while listening to their stories of how they escaped. The most amazing from Communist Eastern Europe.
Did you know Bluegrass is banned in certain areas of the world? I surely didn't, until shared that with me.
You veterans both in the "hear and now" as well as those walking the "spirit world" are amazing heroes to them, as well as to myself.
I again, wish to send my thanks, and love out to you, and your families, especially as this holiday season draws near.
If you are like me you might be having to tighten your belts this year. Our music industry has taken a tremendous hit with music pirating, compounded by this sagging economy.
I know many of you are still far away from home, fighting for your lives at this very moment, or out on ships, or stationed in remote locations, ....
Separated from family, friends and the freedoms we enjoy here at home, at your expense.
Just know my thoughts and prayers are not far from your sides, because I certainly feel compelled, to send my prayers your way.
Not just today, because its veterans day, but daily in my meditations and prayers.
To those who have told me that my music was of comfort to you, or got you threw the rough spots in battle....
I am most in your debt, for offering that tremendous validation of my music.
That is without a doubt the the highest honor any musician can ever achieve.
No music award could possibly ranks higher, for me.
If it were up to me, I would have have this federal government pay each and every one of you no less than one million dollars for your service.
Those who served both past, as well as present.
Whenever I walk out on a stage, know that I salute you, for providing me the opportunity to stand there and perform.

With Deep, and Undying Respect, Tony Rice

If you know a veteran or anyone on active duty, please cut and paste my letter into an email and send it on my behalf. Many Thanx, Tony

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