Friday, March 25, 2011

An Afternoon of Banjos!!!


Galax, Virginia-An Afternoon with World Renowned Banjo Players to be presented at Historic Rex Theater, Galax, VA….
Banjo Masters, Stevie Barr, Jason Burleson, Joey Cox, Sammy Shelor, Terry Baucom, and Kyle Dean Smith will be showcased during a special Banjo Extravaganza, Saturday, April 2nd at 3:00 p.m.

Master of Ceremonies will be Cindy Baucom, host of syndicated radio show “Knee Deep In Bluegrass”.

The stellar lineup agreed to participate in this special presentation as a remembrance of fellow banjoist Houston Caldwell who was tragically killed in a motorcycle accident in April of 2010. All of the players knew Houston and were inspirations and mentors to him during his early years of learning to play banjo. Proceeds from the event will benefit HoustonFest which is being presented by Galax Volunteer Fire Department on May 6-7, 2011 at Felts Park in Galax.
The program will combine music and discussions from outstanding banjo players who will respond to questions and provide much of the history, context, and motivations behind their work. The “workshop”, defined as a kind of musical discussion will be conducted in a more casual intimate setting, providing the audience with the unique opportunity to not only get to know some of these amazing artists, but better understand some of the stories behind the music.

Key questions to be addressed include:
• What has been the impact of the banjo historically?
• What are the banjo’s roots, and what artistic elements of these roots remain in today’s playing?
• What are the differing styles and roles of the banjo in bluegrass and traditional music today?
• What lured these artists to the banjo?

More Info: Phone 276-236-9908
Banjo Extravaganza at the Rex Theater, 3pm, Saturday April 2, 2011

Admission $5 at the door

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