Monday, April 20, 2009

THANKS for the Birthday Wishes!

My Dad and I both celebrated our birthdays this past Friday, April 17th. We met at Adam's Seafood in North Wilkesboro, NC Friday evening to enjoy a great meal with the family. (By the way, next door to the Seafood Restaurant, Jonathan Byrd has a shop with Vintage Instruments and Watches...we enjoyed meeting him after dinner) I got a number of emails from my friends in music---Mike Compton, Jerry Salley, Karen Byrd and more. I also got a couple of phone callers singing 'Happy Birthday'...the Male and the Female IBMA Vocalists of the Year: Jamie Dailey and Dale Ann Bradley! Terry and I enjoyed birthday cake when we got back home. He gave me a beautiful bracelet, too. It was a super birthday. Thanks again!~CB

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Mike said...

I found your blog thru the 'Next Blog' button and sure am glad I did! :-) I lived in Nashville, TN, and can't believe I actually recognized some of the names you mentioned in a couple of your posts? For instance, Earl Scruggs once thruough a rock (all for a promotional set-up, of course) through the window of the diner I worked in lol.

I will re-visit your blog for sure!